Alt Summit 2014 re-cap

Well it’s been almost two weeks since returning back from the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, and the dust is starting to settle. I have done my laundry, put away my clothes, filed away my swag, and returned to my normal life changed (for the better.)

The trip was a bit of a whirlwind. It started with getting ready for the conference. Who knew that there would be so much work to be done just to ATTEND a conference. There was no presenting, no panels to be on…nothing but show up. “Showing up” means something different at Alt, and I was in for an amazing ride.

The attendees at Alt show up with their A-game. Like I mentioned in my previous post the business cards are mind blowing. I was so excited for this part of the conference…and in a quiet moment early on Wednesday I put my card up on the wall. I took at step back, smiled…and realized that I was here at Alt, as a blogger.

The next part of showing up for Alt is meeting the sponsors. I attended the Furbish Studio dinner Wednesday night at Caffe Niche. Over an amazing dinner I met some talented bloggers and business women. A few notable connections that night were:

Starting with some lovely east coast bloggers, Holly Phillips of The English Room, and Cheri Harden Leavy of The Southern Coterie. (Both by the way had the most amazing handbags throughout the conference!)

Amy Sage deMik of Commona My House. This gal was so down-to-earth and greeted this newbie with open arms.

I shared a car ride with Melissa Hope, and Audrey Wagner King of French Knot Studios. Audrey has some serious styling skillz, and had me laughing the whole week.

Another passenger was Vanessa Roth of Entre Nous. She along with Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt were from the Northwest. Vanessa and I got to know each other well, and I know I will see these ladies again soon!

The next part of showing up at Alt is getting to take in advice, and try some hands on lessons from amazing bloggers and business women. Since I’m new in this world, most of my takeaways were around how to create my brand and knowing my style. I will take these things to heart during the next few months and work on improving my blogging presence.

Thursday night at the Cricut Explore party I met another Seattle blogger, Asia Rau Vinton of Sparrow Soirees. After working my way through the sea of green I found a seat in the corner to sit down and eat some grub. I struck up a conversation with the lovely lady sitting next to me. After a few minutes I came to realize that we have “met” two previous times! Through more conversations throughout the conference, we both came to realize that we have many things in common. Two of them being crafting and Game of Thrones. So stay tuned for some serious nerd crafts.

Cricut Explore

We finished off the week with some serious parties hosted by some of the most talented bloggers in the biz. These are tricked out theme parties that put any of my home parties to shame.

Stay Wild

In the end I walked away with excitement and inspiration for what is to come with Krafty Kath. And to get there, just a few action items…no big deal. I’m ready for the future and what it holds for my little Krafty world.


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  1. Sounds like you had a successful first experience at Alt as well! It was so lovely meeting you, and I had a fabulous time that last night at dinner with you, Asia and Kim. Thanks for taking the time to link up! :)

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