Smart Darby DIY Wood Burning Kit

Darby Smart Wood Burning Kit

Smart Darby DIY Wood Burning Kit

Darby Smart was having a black Friday sale this past November so I picked up one of their Wood Burning Kits. I had done wood burning a long time ago with my art teacher way back when I was just a little one, so I thought I’d try it again with their cute wood box.

It was an easy process as long as you go slow and be careful of the hot tool. I was thoroughly impressed by the entire experience/package. So if you haven’t tried one of their DIYs, you should! (Note: I lined my box with some gingham paper to add a little extra flair.)

Smart Darby DIY Wood Burning Kit

I’m going to use mine to keep all my business cards I collect at blogging events. What would you use yours for? Recipes? Nick-knacks? The possibilities are endless!


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