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Day 18: Cookie spoon

cookie spoon

Cookies are as much a part of Christmas as Santa. They are a Christmas tradition. And every family has their own favorites. Ours were sugar spritz, cooky canes, and fudge (however pretty much any cookie Mom made was good in my book.) Today’s craft is an easy memory maker. Take the cookie spoon out each year, and look at all the years you spent together as a family gathered in the kitchen making holiday treats.

For day 18 we bring you two crafts to make memories. Both involving cookies! Be sure to check out tinsel + trim for her special memory DIY.


  • Wooden spoon
  • Craft paint (multiple colors)
  • Small paint brush
  • Thin black permanent marker
  • Love


Step 1:

The first step is the fun part … make your cookies using your wooden spoon.


Step 2:

Wash your spoon (or lick it) and let it dry.


Step 3:

Once it’s dry, choose a color for the season, and paint a small stripe (approximately 1/4″) around the end of the spoon. Once it’s dry, use the permanent marker and write the year on the stripe. You could even put your initials on the stripe for extra flair.


Step 4:

The next Christmas take the spoon out and repeat steps 1 through 3. See the years pile up…and reminisce about all the good memories!

Merry Christmas and bon appetite!

cookie spoon


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  1. This is such a cute idea. It reminds me of marking your height on the door frame as a kid. I can just picture it after many years of use – all worn down and aged. I love that! I still have my grandmother’s Betty Crocker cookie book with the torn binding and grease marks. It’s one of my most treasured things :)

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